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    The African Insurance Organization (AIO) is a non-governmental organization recognized by many African governments with its main objectives being: Promotion of inter-African co-operation Development of a healthy insurance and reinsurance industry in Africa


    The Organization of Eastern and Southern Africa Insurers (OESAI) was formed in 1973 as a result of initiatives of 8 insurance companies in the Eastern and Southern Africa region. Since its inception, the organization has greatly encouraged and enhanced co-operation in the field of insurance and reinsurance and their related activities among companies operating in the region.


    The Federation of Afro-Asian Insurers and Reinsurers "F.A.I.R." was established in September 1964, to promote cooperation among insurance and reinsurance companies in Africa and Asia, through the regular exchange of information, expertise and the development of business relations. It currently covers 54 Afro-Asian Markets.


    FANAF, which is the Federation of Insurance Companies operating within (Francophone) Africa has its objectives as follows: Promoting Insurance and Reinsurance in Africa. Establishing professional relations between member companies Defending the interest of the insurance profession.


    The West African Insurance Companies Association (WAICA) is an International Association of insurance companies and institutions in English speaking West Africa. Among the aims and objectives of the WAICA are: Development of the insurance market in each member country on sound technical basis. Exchange of business, personnel and information among member companies operating within Anglophone West Africa. Promotion of insurance education in each country and to encourage existing educational institutions such as universities to initiate courses and training programs on insurance and allied subjects. In addition to supporting it financially, Ghana Re also provides technical support to the West African Insurance Institute (WAII) which belongs to WAICA.

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