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    Our professionalism and customer orientation has placed us as one of the leading reinsurers on the international market, whilst our global partnerships have provided us with the capacity to provide A wide range of reinsurance services for our clients.

    Reinsurance Support

    Ghana Re offers a broad range of treaty and facultative reinsurance for all classes of insurance Business. The company aims at providing added value services through Financial protection, Technical expertise and Professional service to over 300 companies on the African continent.

    The protection which Ghana Re offers is secured by the financial might of the company built up Over its forty-five (45) years of professional underwriting and sound investment of funds.

    Our capacity

    The company has put in place a comprehensive retrocession programme to provide appropriate Reinsurance support as follows:

    Treaty and Facultative (USD)

              Head Office /Cameroon Regional Office                                      

    1.            Fire & Engineering (Domestic)                   -              42,500,000

    2.            Fire & Engineering (International)               -              22,500,000

    3.            Political Violence & Terrorism (PVT)           -              22,500,000

    4.            Marine (Domestic)                                    -              10,000,000

    5.            Marine (International)                                -                6,000,000

    6.            Oil & Gas  (Domestic)                              -               10,000,000

    7.             Oil and Gas (International)                       -                 6,000,000

     8.           General Accident                                    -                  5,000,000

    9.            Life                                                         -                 1,500,000


                Kenya Regional Office (Subsidiary)                                      

    1.            Fire & Engineering                                     -               15,000,000

    2.            Political Violence & Terrorism (PVT)            -               15,000,000

    3.            Marine                                                      -                 5,000,000

    4.            Misc. Accident                                           -                5,000,000

    5.            Motor                                                        -                 5,000,000

    6.            Hotel Operators Liability                              -                 5,000,000


    “To deliver customer satisfaction and corporate profitability through continuous improvement in service delivery by maintaining a highly professional and motivated workforce”

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