Ghana Re @ DXC Connect Insurance Executive Forum

Reinsurance Event Recap: Keynote Address by Industry Leaders

We are thrilled to share highlights from the recent reinsurance event hosted by DXC Technology, where industry leaders gathered to discuss innovations shaping the future of reinsurance. The keynote address featured Leslie Shang-Simpson, CIO of Ghana Re, Bjornar Evenshaug, Global Offering Manager, Reinsurance, DXC Technology, and Fabio Venturi, CoE Lead, Reinsurance, DXC Technology.

 Key Insights

  • Our Journey: Ghana Re’s journey from the era before digitization to the current phase where technical operations have been streamlined and automated.
  • Driving Innovation with AI: Discussions centered on how AI is enhancing decision-making, risk assessment, and automating tasks to improve efficiency and accuracy.
  • Enhancing User Experience (UX): Presentations showcased advancements in web UX aimed at providing seamless, intuitive user experiences and boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Optimizing Costs through Automation: The speakers highlighted how automation reduces costs and increases operational efficiency, with real-world implementation examples.

Interactive Session

Attendees engaged in live demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and provided valuable feedback, contributing to the ongoing development of reinsurance solutions.

Event Highlights

  • Networking Opportunities: Connecting professionals and experts from leading organizations.
  • Insightful Discussions: Gaining deeper understanding of trends and technologies shaping the industry.
  • Practical Knowledge: Applying actionable insights to drive growth and innovation.
  • We extend our gratitude to DXC Technology for organizing this impactful event and to all who attended. For those who couldn’t join, recordings and materials will be available soon.

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