Special Message from our Managing Director

Ghana Reinsurance PLC is delighted to welcome you to our website as we proudly announce our 50th anniversary. Established in October 1972, Ghana Re, was set up primarily to provide reinsurance capacity for the local market. Today, from modest beginnings as a business unit, through turbulent periods of weaning, the Company goes beyond the borders of Ghana to provide reinsurance and other ancillary services to Africa and beyond.

Fifty (50) years in the life of any individual is a significant milestone, so it is for an organisation such as Ghana Re. Our celebration, however, is a time for reflection on our fifty-year journey and the tenacity of all who chartered a vision that has brought us this far. More importantly it is a time to look forward, focusing on the attainment of the great heights dreamed of by our founding fathers.

Given the above, I seize the opportunity to pay tribute to:

  • my illustrious predecessors, who took bold and difficult decisions to keep the Company as a going concern;
  • the Board, Management, and Staff (both old and present) who have diligently served Ghana Re over the Company’s five decades of existence;
  • our loyal cedants and business partners in Ghana, Africa and beyond, who have trusted in our capability and capacity to deliver unalloyed professional reinsurance services, as well as exhibited exceptional loyalty to our business relationships.

We look back over the years with great pride and remain more determined to fulfil the dreams of our founding fathers, for 50 years on, Ghana Re remains a dynamic organisation, ensuring financial reliability through the provision of excellent reinsurance services.

For Ghana Re to remain a successful and profitable business entity, we still have a lot to do and accomplish. But fifty years on, our mandate remains same – to be Your Reinsurer of Choice. This mandate we are determined not to depart from in the next 50 years of our journey.

Once again, welcome to our website and our future!

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